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Lying on a Ledge Op.29b

Viola da gamba Solo

A person is wandering in the mountains, but suddenly falls off a cliff and ends up lying on a ledge. Hours and days pass, and no one seems to find him or hears his cries for help. At a certain point of time (the middle of Bar 62), when death draws closer, he suddenly becomes euphoric (as some people report to experience when about to freeze to death), hallucinating he is being rescued. Nevertheless, the piece ends with the personís death. The glissando at the very end might illustrate that something "from above", death, is picking him up to enter an unknown dimension.

Category: Strings

Instrumentation: Viola da gamba

Composer: Flint Juventino Beppe

Year composed: 1997

First performance: August 13, 2009

Duration: 07:00

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Sheet music will soon be available.

First performed by the Dutch viola da gamba player Ralph Rousseau.

Watch a special performance by Ralph Rousseau (adapted for viola da gamba). This version was performed on tour in Norway and the Netherlands by Rousseau.

This composition also exists in a version for cello, Op.29a.

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