«A Piccolo Poem» Op.72

This is a one-movement composition for piccolo flute - the bright sounding jewel in the distinguished flute family.

Music is for me a language beyond words and colours, and one day the piccolo flute sounded in my heart with a musical poem that I felt compelled to write down. Often, nature and innocence form a basis for what appears in front of me. «A Piccolo Poem» is no exception, when the high-pitched tones carefully hover over valleys and mountains, mirrored towards the starry sky.
Flint Juventino Beppe

Category: Woodwind

Instrumentation: Piccolo

Composer: Flint Juventino Beppe

Year composed: 2008

First performance: October 9, 2015

Duration: 3:20

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Dedicated to Cristina Ledford. First public performance by Klio Blonz. Recorded by Ledford on the album «Mosaic» and by Jean-Louis Beaumadier on the album «Sweet Dream».

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