«Seasons of Life» Op.2

Solo Piano

This work is in many ways the manifesto of a person in deep despair, but still having music flowing through his veins all the time as a comforting friend. Through the four movements, Beppe has depicted «Life in Development», «Life in Prosperity», «Life in Desperation» and «Life in Coldness» as his very own «Seasons of Life».

Category: Solo Piano

Instrumentation: Piano

Composer: Flint Juventino Beppe

Year composed: 1991

First performance: December 5, 1999

Duration: 11:30


  1. «Spring - Life in Development» (4:00)
  2. «Summer - Life in Prosperity» (2:10)
  3. «Autumn - Life in Desperation» (2:20)
  4. «Winter - Life in Coldness» (2:30)

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Life is peculiar. The Human Being experiences different conditions all the time. Some of these are described by the composer in «Seasons of Life».

First performed on the 5th of December 1999 by Wolfgang Plagge.

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Movement: “«Spring - Life in Development»”

  • Piano

Movement: “«Summer - Life in Prosperity»”

  • Piano

Movement: “«Autumn - Life in Desperation»”

  • Piano

Movement: “«Winter - Life in Coldness»”

  • Piano

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