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The journey into the Uncertainty Op.1

Piano Solo

Life might be described as a journey into the uncertainty, from the moment the wandering starts to the final moment.

Category: Piano Solo

Instrumentation: Piano

Composer: Flint Juventino Beppe

Year composed: 1987

First performance: December 18, 2000

Duration: 20:00


  1. «The Wandering» (2:00)
  2. «Reminiscence» (4:00)
  3. «A Chased Point in Time» (1:30)
  4. «The Strange Water» (1:40)
  5. «The Proud Struggler» (1:50)
  6. «Time is Running Out» (2:00)
  7. «The Sunset» (3:00)
  8. «The Final Moment» (3:20)

First performed by Wolfgang Plagge.

 The Proud Struggler

 The Final Moment

Drawings by Gøran Kristiansen. Commissioned by Flint Juventino Beppe (1991).
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Movement: “«The Wandering»”

  • Piano

Movement: “«Reminiscence»”

  • Piano

Movement: “«A Chased Point in Time»”

  • Piano

Movement: “«The Strange Water»”

  • Piano

Movement: “«The Proud Struggler»”

  • Piano

Movement: “«Time is Running Out»”

  • Piano

Movement: “«The Sunset»”

  • Piano

Movement: “«The Final Moment»”

  • Piano

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