«Headache» Op.13

String Quartet (Vln - Vla - Vlc - D.B.)

A terrible migraine sneaks up behind and paralyses the whole body. The several themes in Headache illustrate how the composer experiences migraine, which includes pain around the eyes, and deep frustration.

Category: String Quartet

Instrumentation: String Quartet (Vln - Vla - Vlc - D.B.)

Composer: Flint Juventino Beppe

Year composed: 1992

First performance: December 6, 1998

Duration: 4:00

First performed on the 6th of December 1998 by Håvard Daae Rognli, Håkon Jessen, Tormod Knapp and Steinar Børmer.

NB! The MIDI audio is made by Flint Juventino Beppe. MIDI-recordings are not meant to replace live performances — only to give insight into the idiom of the work.

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