«Violin Sonata No.1» Op.50

Violin and Piano

Sonata in three movements for Violin and Piano.

Category: Chamber

Instrumentation: Violin, Piano

Composer: Flint Juventino Beppe

Year composed: 1999

First performance: December 5, 1999

Duration: 13:00


  1. First Movement (4:40)
  2. Second Movement (5:00)
  3. Third Movement (3:40)


— Beppe’s Violin Sonata No.1, Op.50 has a brilliantly vibrant, rhythmic opening for piano to the first movement, soon joined by the violin that then works out the material. This is a terrific movement with a gentler, quieter, limpid central section that reveals some lovely ideas before the piano brings the return of the opening tempo.

The Classical Reviewer (UK)

— The music grasps me because it is a structured piece that has an improvised feel. The music starts off in one direction that soon changes from rhythm-bound to free-track in one moment, before it restructures itself in an adagio part that sounds like random themes put together, only fooling me until I have a second listen; there is structure, one level up.
Gods of Music

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