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Emily Beynon. Photo: Keith Saunders.

— Beppe is one of a handful of composers who are able to create the rare experience of enchanted silence in their music. Beppe's «Flute Concerto No.1» Op.70 contains several such moments.

Even though his tools are a "conventional" orchestra using "conventional" instruments, an unreal atmosphere of calm and celestial flight arises. One of the most fascinating aspects in this regard is that he does not use any minimalist or modernist devices at all; he simply allows the music and its inner qualities to speak in full. In our current age of constant hectic activity, where it is barely permitted to think a complete thought, music such as this is of the greatest importance: it gives the listener the chance to experience time as a benefit and not as a punishment. The concerto is dedicated to the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra's eminent flautist Emily Beynon, and it received its premier performance in London in February 2009.
Wolfgang Plagge, professor

  — The expansive solo in «Reminiscence» is like a sad solitary bird in the deep forest which turns into a carefree soul soaring above unsettling waves of destiny in «Obituary».

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«Reminiscence» Op.70 No.2

«Reminiscence» Op.70 No.2  More flute music by Flint Juventino Beppe 

Interview with flautist Emily Beynon | EXHALING MUSIC

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 (Beynon / Ashkenazy, Philharmonia, Live 2009)

Audio information:

Composer: Flint Juventino Beppe
Mvt. No.2 from «Flute Concerto No.1» Op.70*
Performed by Emily Beynon, flute and Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Vladimir Ashkenazy.
From the Grammy-nominated recording FLUTE MYSTERY (2L-058-SABD).

LowRes stereo version. Duration: 1.51. Illegal distribution or copying strictly prohibited. 
All rights reserved by the producers Flint Juventino Beppe & Lindberg Lyd AS, 20©09

* «Flute Concerto No.1» Op.70 is dedicated to Emily Beynon. First performed in St. John's Smith Square, London, by Emily Beynon & Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Vladimir Ashkenazy.


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