— Providing an extreme dynamic power,
the piano is an orchestra in itself.

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— People of Blue Dimension, op.4a for piano solo, features again Wolfgang Plagge and opens with Waltz of the Queen, a slow theme that gently strolls along, with lovely little decorations around a gentle waltz rhythm.
The Classical Reviewer

— In today's world, we have with almost no exception "freedom of speech." I believe that this right is equally so for music, and if Flint Juventino Beppe "has a dream" I'll be sure to listen.
Gods of Music

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«People of Blue Dimension» Op.4a (Piano)


  1. «Waltz of the Queen» (2:00)
  2. «Absent Brain» (1:10)
  3. «Nudification» (1:15)
  4. «Unsteady Course» (1:35)
  5. «Intermezzo» (0:50)
  6. «Persecution Mania» (1:00)
  7. «Crushing the Giant» (1:10)
  8. «Resignation» (1:50)

«People of Blue Dimension» Op.4a Details

«Cookery book of Kornåld» Op.7 (Piano)


  1. «Furious Meat» (1:00)
  2. «Siamese Cabbage» (2:30)
  3. «Born to be Popcorn» (0:35)
  4. «Running Fish Cake» (1:10)

«Cookery book of Kornåld» Op.7

«Seasons of Life» Op.2 (Piano)


  1. «Spring - Life in Development» (4:00)
  2. «Summer - Life in Prosperity» (2:10)
  3. «Autumn - Life in Desperation» (2:20)
  4. «Winter - Life in Coldness» (2:30)

«Seasons of Life» Op.2

«Piano Concerto No.1» Anxiety Op.24 (Piano and Orchestra)


  1. «Fear Struggler» (7:40)
  2. «Final Fear» (3:10)
  3. «A Chased Fear» (4:00)
«Piano Concerto No.1» Anxiety Op.24

«Piano Concerto No.2» Urge Op.44 (Piano and Orchestra)


  1. «See» (4:00)
  2. «Catch» (5:50)
  3. «Push» (4:40)
«Piano Concerto No.2» Urge Op.44

«Piano Concerto No.3» Monster Op.44 (Piano and Orchestra)


  1. «Beyond» (3:00)
  2. «Among» (5:30)
  3. «Inside» (6:50)
«Piano Concerto No.3» Monster Op.45

The following works include the repertoire for piano as solo instrument. Click a link to download sheet music and listen to excerpts.

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Piano solo

«The journey into the Uncertainty» Op.1

«Seasons of Life» Op.2 *

«People of Blue Dimension» Op.4a *

«Cookery Book of Kornåld» Op.7 *

Piano and Orchestra

«Piano Concerto No.1» Anxiety Op.24
2-2-2-2- 4-2-3-1 timp solo pf str

«Piano Concerto No.2» Urge Op.44

2-2-2-2 4-2-3-1 timp solo pf str **

«Piano Concerto No.3» Monster Op.45

2-2-2-2(alt. c. fg) 4-2-3-1 timp perc:1 solo pf str **

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