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The harp is central in «Pastorale» Op.32 No.1

«Pastorale» Op.32 No.1 is an apparently bright and care-free composition which only after a while begins to worry us – this is due to the elegant use of bitonality which gives the piece a veritable Janus face. We are treated to another example of Beppe's compositional ambiguity – one of the principal elements of his music – in a work which is open to interpretation in any direction. The home key is F, constantly "undermined" by C sharp minor and D flat major tonalities.
Wolfgang Plagge, professor

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«Pastorale Op.32 No.1 | More orchestral music by Flint Juventino Beppe

Performed by the Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Flint Juventino Beppe. From the Grammy nominated album FLUTE MYSTERY.

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Special video edition made by BPanhter.

FLUTE MYSTERY — Flint Juventino Beppe
Emily Beynon, flute
Catherine Beynon, harp
Philharmonia Orchestra
Vladimir Ashkenazy
Nominated for a Grammy award in 2010
«Flute Mystery» Op.66 is dedicated to Sir James Galway
Cat. No. 2L58SABD

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