Partners & supporters
Making a huge difference

Without the fruitful collaboration with my partners and supporters, new productions or releases would be hard to carry out.

I am extremely grateful for the financial support provided by our sponsors, and I will continue to create productions that I hope will make food for thought.

Thank you so much.


General partners and sponsors 2017 —


Saltdal Patentslip AS

Liv S.

Eva S. A.

RO-MA Konsern AS

Øvermoan Eiendom AS

Video On Demand releases (2015)



Principal sponsors

Ragnhild & Håkon Karlsen

Other partners and supporters

Asbjørn Arnesen
Christian Næstby
Fred Berg
Svein Edvardsen
Øvermoan Eiendom AS
Saltdal kommune


Principal sponsors

Stiftelsen Alt For Rognan

Other partners and supporters

Nordnorsk Filmsenter AS with consultant Hans Erik Voktor

Innovasjon Norge 

Saltdal kommune

Pluralis AS

Madsens Regnskapskontor AS
Peder Brenne AS
Ivar's Interiør AS
Dragefossen Kraftanlegg AS
Bodø Industri AS
Hepro AS 
Pål Viggo Mortensen 
Fred Berg 
Saltenposten AS
Nordlandsbanken ASA
Octavia 2005 AS with Jon Øverås 
Rognan Revisjon AS