The new fonts have a distinct style that combines aesthetical and functional properties.

Major font update

The FJB Fingerprint is currently updating the layout of all sheet music.
The updates concern typographical matters only: no alterations are made to the music itself.

Because the use of new music notation fonts, all works have to be checked in great detail. The new fonts have a distinct style that combines aesthetical and functional properties: the note symbols, texts fonts and lyrics fonts have been carefully assembled to fit well together and optimise the readability for the user.

The FJB Fingerprint will publish the updated versions continuously.
NB! The old versions remain unpublished on the Work List until they have been updated.
Check out for yourself — all scores are available for free!

Major font update from The FJB Fingerprint

Latest updates:

«Parting» Op.20a
«Parting» Op.20b
«High Mountains of Music» Op.8
«Flute Sonata No.1» Op.40
«Piano Concerto No.3» Op.45
«Piano Concerto No.2» Op.44
«Where am I?» Op.18
«Viola Sonata No.2» Op.59
«Viola Sonata No.1» Op.57
«Four Elements of Hedmark» Op.85
«Dynamic Fantasy» Op.68
«The journey into the Uncertainty» Op.1
«Moment Alone» Op.55
«Piano Concerto No.1» Op.24
«Seasons of Life» Op.2
«Remote Galaxy» Op.81
«Cookery book of Kornåld» Op.7
«People of Blue Dimension» Op.4a
«Distant Words» Op.43a
«A red little hand» Op.39b
«Joda Oda» Op.39a
«Flight of the Water» Op.69
«Beyond Mystic Forest» Op.12
«Shady Night» Op.5
«Fantasy» Op.67
«A Piccolo Poem» Op.72
«Lonely Fryshild» Op.6
«Pizzicato Cave» Op.21
«Daughter of Deepest Woods» Op.80b
«Lying on a Ledge» Op.29a
«Lyric Pieces» Op.32
«Tightrope walking beneath heaven» Op.32 No.8
«Pastorale» Op.32 No.1
«Time for Magic Emotions» Op.9
«Modo Dixisti» Op.14
«Headache» Op.13
«Flute Mystery» Op.66b
«Flute Mystery» Op.66a
«Über der Wiese schwebend» Op.88
«Heart» Op.27 No.5
«Ave» Op.63
«Prelude for the souls» Op.38
«The Idea» Op.74
«Through Saltdal» Op.73
«Distant Words» Op.43b

Facsimile from «Über der Wiese schwebend» Op.88 in the new font system:

The FJB Fingerprint has the exclusive rights to publish the sheet music by composer Flint Juventino Beppe.

Scores and parts are available for download in the PDF format. Scores for multiple instruments are free of charge. Purchase instrumental parts using a secure credit card solution (PayPal). You will receive a professional invoice including VAT pr. e-mail. By using the Sheet Music Wizard on the left menu, you can explore the repertoire by search word, instrument or category. After selecting a specific work, you will be able to obtain the sheet music. 

The logo for The FJB Fingerprint is made by Håkon Karlsen based on an idea by Flint Juventino Beppe. It is meant to illustrate the composer's initials "FJB" as a fingerprint.

Published February 7, 2017


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