— This is not music set to film. This is film set to music.

The Symbiophony Film Concept, invented by director and composer Flint Juventino Beppe, uses music or sounds as the foundation for any artistic expression that can be added to create an artistic symbiosis — a melting pot of sound and senses.

One Symbiophony... Two Symbiophonies... Still counting...

— One of the main principles in a Symbiophony is that the inner nature of the music is equal to the visual aspect, and this entity incites much of the action. Therefore, some alternative aesthetical choices in relation to the scores and sounds have to be made. These are not your typical conventional filmic choices. A Symbiophony is more like an art exhibition, where the impressions will materialise on several levels. And opposed to any music video, the pictures are uncompromisingly edited to fit the aesthetical dimension, not necessarily to fit the rhythm or timbre in the music.

This is not music set to film. This is film set to music.


Director´s Statement

Symbiophony No.1 Montagna con Forza

Symbiophony No.2 Vicino alla Montagna

Symbiophonies Channel on Vimeo