Cat. No. SYDA 1703

Will also be available on a future Vinyl and Pure Audio Blu-ray.

A compilation of FJB songs, remastered in 2017.

Booklet (PDF)

Beppe hopes, with this collection, to share his experiences from a turbulent and unusual life. He is not trying to tell an autobiographical story, but rather to give a series of snapshots, which hopefully can be of interest to the listener.

I define any text I produce as I define the music in what I create. Lyrics are transnational; they travel easily, freed from the conventions of geographical and political borders. Basically, you can decipher meaning from anything you hear. To me, lyrics are often a part of the overall mood and sound picture of a melody, rather than something that speaks for a specific nationality or belongs to a defined geographical area through the language used. The actual words and the semantics of the text narrow the songs down, while I think of the lyrics as opening the songs out.

Flint Juventino Beppe

Label: Symbiophonic

Format: 2019: Pure Audio Blu-ray

Type: Album

Released: 2016

Composer: Flint Juventino Beppe


Flint Juventino Beppe (FJB) | lyrics, music and arrangements

Pål Rune Øiaas | flute and saxophone

Erling Riibe Ramskjell | bass

Flint Juventino Beppe | vocals, guitar, synthesizer, computer, bass and remastering

Bent Jacobsen and Flint Juventino Beppe | producer

Symbiophonic Digital Album SYDA 1703

ISRC DEVS71703010-026

Recorded in 1994 and 1999 ℗ Kornåld Music (FJB)

20℗17 Symbiophonic (FJB)

20©17 Flint Juventino Beppe | All rights reserved