FJB CD 9401

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MULIGENS was released in 1994. It was recorded in Røros-Tynset studio. The album contains lyric songs, electroacoustic works, classical pieces and humoristic songs — including some tracks performed by Kornåld Svøle. Lyrics, music and arrangements by Flint Juventino Beppe.

Duration: 68:26

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From the album cover, translated into English:

— It may feel good to rest when impressions become many and powerful, listen to nature and your heart — sit down and enjoy some potent beverages and the cool breeze in your face... This record may possibly take you on a long lasting journey, as journeys often tend to be...

Possibly, the journey will end in different dimensions of existence for good or for bad — Possibly, life will become enriched in the end, when the bat sprouts and the flower is hanging upside down from a tree!

I wish to thank everyone who has contributed with their time  and soul on this record: the Producer, Musicians, Oda, Photographers, Family and Friends that feel relevant in the preceding moment of my gratitude! Thanksabunch!

Possibly, have a Good Journey!

Label: Symbiophonic

Format: Digital Album, FJB 50 | CD

Type: Songs

Released: 1995

Total duration: 68 minutes

Composer: Flint Juventino Beppe


Flint Juventino Beppe: vocals, guitar, piano, synthesizer, computer +++

Pål Rune Øiaas: saxophone, flute, whistling

Anne Fossen: vocals

Producer: Bent Jacobsen and Flint Juventino Beppe

Recorded in Røros-Tynset Lydstudio

Track listing:

01 Du er livet Ditt nå 2:00
02 Stille, Stille 3:15
03 Kjøp agurk I Brumunddal 2:25
04 Lille Ida 2:25
05 Vindsus i Botn 3:14
06 Bibarabam 2:10
07 Minken 2:48
08 Takkatakakk 2:52
09 Slips rundt dikken 1:48
10 Du faller 4:07
11 Brent Bok 3:42
12 Strikke Ost 1:14
13 Avtalen Op.19 4:25
14 Mine Dager 2:50
15 Trikketuren 2:33
16 Litt varm og Litt fet 2:37
17 Inner Seas Op.16 7:40
18 Nesquisk & Pessquick 3:17
19 Ave Sur 2:17
20 Avskjed Op.20a 9:55