You can be one of the last, exclusive owners of FJB 150 | Signed Rarities.

FJB 150 | Signed Rarities

Composer Flint Juventino Beppe has for a long time stored the last first edition items in a vault.
However, the last few copies are now for sale – but only through one channel: directly handled and signed by the composer himself.

Only a few manufactured copies still exist, and these rare items will never be reprinted in their present design since they carry the composer's former name. Furthermore, these are the only albums featuring Beppe singing his own songs, and these releases are not available as Digital Albums. Due to these special attributes, the collector's value might rise in the future.

Read more and see what´s in the special deal here.

Muligens (CD, 1994) is one of the rare items that you can obtain until the last copy is sold out.
Published April 6, 2015

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