Ralph Rousseau Meulenbroeks, soloist on viola da gamba, recording «Remote Galaxy» Op.81 with Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Vladimir Ashkenazy. Flint Juventino Beppe dedicated this work to Meulenbroeks. Photo: Morten Lindberg.

New recording with the Philharmonia Orchestra & Vladimir Ashkenazy with music by Flint Juventino Beppe

Recently a new recording was made in Watford Colosseum, England. Remote Galaxy is going to be the sequel to the Grammy nominated album Flute Mystery.
Performers are largely the same as on Flute Mystery: Emily Beynon (flute), Mark van de Wiel (clarinet), Ralph Rousseau Meulenbroeks (viola da gamba) and Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Vladimir Ashkenazy. Producer is Morten Lindberg at 2L.

This project employed unique and innovative surround technology based on research and a careful planning of acoustic conditions, the inner balance of the scores and the orchestral instruments' distinctive character. Remote Galaxy is supported by SkatteFUNN - a part of the Research Council of Norway.

- As with Flute Mystery, I feel deeply honoured being able to work with these people on the sequel, Remote Galaxy, says composer Flint Juventino Beppe. - Working with this recording has been a very powerful experience, and I am happy that these works have come to life in such a special acoustic and artistic setting.

- I always have a bigger plan with everything I do
, Beppe reflects.

Obtain the sheet music from the upcomimg Remote Galaxy release already now:

«Remote Galaxy» Op.81
«Distant Words» Op.43b
«Lost in September» Op.17
«Tightrope walking beneath heaven» Op.32 No.8
«Flute Concerto No.2» Op.80

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Interview with Flint Juventino Beppe

«Remote Galaxy» Op.81 | Information page

Mark van de Wiel is the soloist on «Distant Words» Op.43b, with Philharmonia Orchestra & conductor Vladimir Ashkenazy.
Photo: Morten Lindberg.

The brass section during the recording of «Flute Concerto No.2» Op.80 - dedicated to flutist Emily Beynon.
Photo: Morten Lindberg.

Published June 7, 2012

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