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Upcoming songbook and audio release from Flint Juventino Beppe.
In 2018, Flint Juventino Beppe will release a songbook containing a set of recently translated lyrics from his repertoire. He will also record the songs with the new English lyrics.

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Exhaling Music

Burned Book (1991)

In times of hardship, affections may still turn into glaciers. This worries me.
That certain people think they can find meaning of existence. This baffles me.
Amazingly, I can breathe the air. Bring harmonies together. This pleases me.
Life lets me sense and contemplate. Without a single fear.

Maybe life is like a song. Years will fill up with new mornings.
Time then has come to slow down. Find consolation within. While Mother Earth is greeting a new-born day. In the distance.

Life offers you freedom and every right to argue. I've tried myself.
I see too often that mankind must lower the sword. I did myself.
Are we scared off by the people wearing the white collar. I was myself.
Virus of zealots turns to dust. If you are true to yourself.

I will not yield under pressure. I cannot deceive myself.
Holy scriptures will falter. When furious days rage outside. I turn my face towards nature. The mountains in sight. For a while.

Lyrics & music by Flint Juventino Beppe
Translation & photo of Beppe by Randi Karlsen

Published January 25, 2013

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