The loving "Pyramid of Life" has bestowed upon this dimension a protective giant.

Lateralis – a previously unknown world

Symbiophonic wishes to introduce a new art film, which is planned to be launched in 2019.
The action in Lateralis takes place in another dimension; an adjacent world to our own. This dimension accommodates different life forms, creatures and moods.

The film is based on the musical cycle «People of Blue Dimension» Op.4, which was written when the composer was 18 years old. This work has eight movements, and Lateralis is an adaptation of this music. A female actor embodies the various roles in this highly original production. The music is both melodic and dramatic, and as is often the case with composer Flint Juventino Beppe, both humour and seriousness create a fusion that does not need an external "code breaker" to make sense.

The film lasts about 11 minutes and will include a variation of nature scenes from Saltdal, north of the Arctic Circle. The music is to be recorded by a large symphony orchestra. In addition, Beppe holds all the positions behind the camera to make sure the music is reflected in the film according to the script's intentions. Like the films Montagna con Forza and Vicino alla Montagna, Beppe's productions are often innovative and organic, where music and images merge in a symbiotic connection.

The final result will be published in most digital formats, and will be submitted to international film festivals, television channels and film clubs worldwide.

When I wrote this composition, I envisaged a parallel dimension, which would embody representations of our own psychological challenges, such as for example the part «Persecution Mania». One is confronted with one´s own inner struggles from time to time.

Director and composer Flint Juventino Beppe. Photo: Randi Karlsen

«People of Blue Dimension» Op.4a

«People of Blue Dimension» Op.4b

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Published May 22, 2016

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