Lateralis | Invitation to business collaboration

Dear private person / company,

We are happy to present a brand new art project by the filmmaker and composer Flint Juventino Beppe. The FJB Fingerprint, Beppe's production company, has very recently started working on the project Lateralis – an innovative film concept with orchestral music, nature and acting in a finely meshed interplay. See project description for further details.
It would be a great pleasure if you would consider becoming an associated collaborator in the early, yet very important, stages of the project. The film will be produced in respect for nature and the very subtle interaction between the smaller and greater events in life. We wish Lateralis to spur contemplation.

Naturally, such a production needs funding, and it is very important for Beppe and The FJB Fingerprint to return the investment and every contributing sponsor will be credited as shown in the form below. A sponsorship may be entered (and deducted) as costs in business accounting.

This is an opportunity for private individuals, as well as businesses, to have their name "engraved" in the timeless end-credits of the film, as it is definitely an alternative to short-lived ads. In addition, you will support the composer and director, who feels obliged to persevere in his artistic undertakings.

We would like to thank you for your attention, and we hope you will consider joining us. If you have any questions regarding this invitation, feel free to contact us on email

With kind regards,

Randi Karlsen and Flint Juventino Beppe
The FJB Fingerprint 

To become a cooperating associate, simply use the payment solution below (PayPal or credit card). You can choose between two different sponsorship options: Eur 320 (Deal 1) or Eur 1075 (Deal 2)

Sponsorship options Lateralis



1. EUR 320,-

Sponsor is mentioned in the film's end credits.
Sponsor is mentioned in the composer's website

2. EUR 1075,-

Sponsor is listed with company logo as main sponsor on the film's end credits.
Sponsor is listed on the film's official poster, and the composer's website

The loving "Pyramid of Life" has bestowed this dimension a protective giant.

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