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Surrounded by secrecy, the composer Flint Juventino Beppe, 36, has captured the heart and minds of the international music scene. "I never compose music", Beppe says, "the tones just float around inside my head. When they get too loud, I have to breathe them out." This film is a story about a personal war, and about finally recapturing the love for music and life.

EXHALING MUSIC tells of Beppe's intense and life-threatening breach with religion when he was 17.
His childhood religion could never follow him into adulthood. Award-winning documentary featuring composer Flint Juventino Beppe.

With Philharmonia Orchestra, Vladimir Ashkenazy, National Symphony Orchestra, Leonard Slatkin, Sir James Galway, Emily Beynon, Catherine Beynon and Lindberg Lyd AS.

In this documentary, we follow the production of the Grammy-nominated album FLUTE MYSTERY (2L).

Award-winning documentary, 2009, 56 min. Produced by News on Request AS. Directed by Trond Eliassen. Original title: "Å puste ut musikk". First broadcasted on NRK (Norway) May 16, 2010. English subtitles.

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"Getting to conduct one of the world's greatest symphony orchestras is a dream shared by a lot of people. Turned in to reality, some dreams can become nerve wrecking nightmares very quickly. In this documentary we follow the shy and self-taught composer Flint Juventino Beppe. He has never conducted an orchestra before. But suddenly he is forced in to a situation where he has to conduct the renowned Philharmonia Orchestra of London. It is the longest day of Flint Juventino Beppe's life." (Program note, Berlin Independent Film Festival, Official selection 2011).

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— Being a somewhat withdrawn person, this kind of attention is not daily fare for me. However, I felt very well taken care of by the production company, and it was a strong experience to be part of this adventure. I hope that this story might bring about some entertaining and good moments.

Flint Juventino Beppe

Vladimir Ashkenazy and Flint Juventino Beppe.
Flint Juventino Beppe and director Trond Eliassen.

EXHALING MUSIC is an award-winning documentary featuring Flint Juventino Beppe who has captured the heart and minds of the international music scene. This 56 minute documentary made in 2009, in Norwegian and English with English subtitles, was produced by News on Request AS and directed by Trond Eliassen. It features such internationally renowned artists as Vladimir Ashkenazy, Emily Beynon and James Galway and charts Beppe's career from the first piano solos that he sent to Ashkenazy through to the rehearsals with the great conductor.

There are many insights into the composer and his connection with nature. 'I never compose music', Beppe says, 'the tones just float around inside my head. When they get too loud, I have to breathe them out.' This insightful, often compelling film tells of Beppe's traumatic loss of Christian faith at the age of seventeen and his fight to express himself, which he achieved through music. His breakthrough came with Flute Mystery, the subject of the recording sessions featured on this film. Emily Beynon talks of her enjoyment working with the composer and the Chairman of the Philharmonia Orchestra, Alistair McKay, speaks of Beppe's unique voice. Ashkenazy talks of the development of Beppe's music from the early works that he received from the composer and of the honesty of his music.

This documentary also reveals some of the creative process between Ashkenazy and Beppe during recording sessions and the stresses of recording, particularly when Ashkenazy falls sick and the composer, who has never conducted an orchestra before, successfully takes over.

Above all it is Flint Juventino Beppe's innate modesty and sheer natural musicianship that shines through.

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Awards & Nominations

European Film Festival, 2010, Official selection

Tromsø International Film Festival, Norway

The Tromsø Palm 2010, Winner

Gullruten 2011 (Golden Frame 2011), Nominated

DocUtah International Film Festival, US, Raven Statuette 2010, Winner

Park City Film Music Festival, US, Silver Medal of Excellence 2010, Winner

Mexico International Film Festival, Silver Palm 2010, Winner

Northern Character Film Festival, Russia, 1st price diploma 2010, Winner

International Filmmaker Festival, UK, Nominated Best Soundtrack 2010, Official selection

DocMiami Intl. Film Festival, US, 2010, Official selection

Polar Film Festival, Finland, 2010, Official selection

Dawson City Intl. Short Film Festival, Canada, 2010, Official selection

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