«Little Ida» is a song to the freedom of speach. And to the freedom of thought.

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A little girl who made a big impression

«Little Ida» might be small, but the meeting with her made a big impression which hours later resulted in a new song.
One dark and difficult day back in 1994 when I was sitting at a café, a little girl suddenly came into the room and smiled very heartily to me. That changed my day completely. I didn't know her or her name, but I called her «Little Ida». However, she became significantly and hugely important to me.

Take care —
Best wishes from

Little Ida

Free your thoughts, let them soar in the air. No disruption from the menace lurking in the shadows.
Still your mind is each moment's restraint.
Little Ida will sit next to you. All the fear she will softly undo.

Thoughts depart, let them sail boundlessly. Heart will nourish from her magic dancing on the moonbeam.
Little harebells fly low on a kite.
Close your eyelids, feel safe with the night. Lungs' desire, your breath to delight.

Who might steal in the dreams who you are? Surely death has been waiting for your final statement.
Who knows where your thoughts will arrive?
Don't panic, your head will be clear. Though your body is drenched in fear.

When the twilight is hunting you down. And you're crouching there forever in the wild tornados.
You may send all your worries my way.
We will fight all the demons that slay. Or just simply; shake hands with the day!

Flint Juventino Beppe (1994)

Published April 7, 2014


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