Tomas Evjen (with camera) — a very close friend and colleague.

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The loss of a close friend and colleague

Tomas Evjen, my close friend and colleague since mid-80's, is dead. Writing this feels both surreal and sad. Life is an unpredictable place.
Tomas was my regular and trusted cameraman in the ongoing Symbiophonies series, most recently the Director of Photography on the art film Vicino alla Montagna.

His complete dedication to his work and unique style and power will be deeply missed and impossible to replace.

Today, my thoughts go his closest family and friends.

From the recording of Vicino alla Montagna (Near the Mountains) in 2004. Both photos: News on Request AS

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Quiet, Quiet

Quiet, Quiet — Silence of darkness.
Journey into deepened woods.
Creature comforts being so worthless.
If a heart must bleed tonight.

We dissolve under sinking tombstone.
Life will end in a few more sweeps.
Birds will sing and the horse will canter.
Brown escape towards distant leaps.

Quiet, Quiet — Bluebells are sleeping.
Comfort in the moon conveyed.
Thoughts broke with the rulings of mankind.
Convicts begged, the reverend prayed.

Then the sun spread its ray of glory.
And we cried in the sea so black.
On the shore sat the Gloomy Reaper.
Mother deer on a silver track.
Quiet, Quiet — Stars are a'speaking.
Cones from heaven falling twice.
End is near, the nightfall draws closer.
Hardship like a stone of ice.

As the torrent gives consolation.
With its friend in the deepest blue.
I perceive, I can feed the pigeons.
With the same that will comfort you.

Flint Juventino Beppe (1987)

Published September 12, 2014


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