The sun provides rays of light no matter human thoughts or emotions.

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Nature speaks, and one has to listen.

I answer to Nature only, because Nature is not human made.

«Wind rustling in Botn»

The forest is my friend. Trees and flowers mirrored in the water.
Look, sun is rising high. All that live may listen to my heartbeats.

Here peace fills up my soul. Here life will find its goal.
They wish my presence near. My truest home is here.

Bird chirps in the sky. Breeze touching with ease. Streams rushing beyond.
And close to the chasm stand I.

My dearest, nearest friend. All that live would die without your spark.
You're feeding the music within. Absolute sound. All around.

So, when life is a nightmare. And thoughts are running wild.
You will find me alone by the lakeside, perfectly still.

Best wishes from 

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Potsdam, Germany. 20©18 Flint Juventino Beppe. All rights reserved.

Published May 12, 2018

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