Philobretto — The FJB Unlimited Foundation

Philobretto is an idealistic foundation that aims to spread composer Flint Juventino Beppe's thought-provoking philosophies and promote openness regarding mental health through art productions. The foundation shall manage, cultivate and consolidate Beppe's previous and future art productions, which includes facilitating, supporting and securing the distribution of Beppe's art and philosophies on a worldwide basis.

The foundation shall ensure a solid economic platform for Beppe's ongoing production and livelihood, and shall have a clear, purposeful fundament that may spur joy and mental stimulation for the audience.

Philobretto is working on behalf of the artist and shall not have ownership of master tapes/end products in any commercial respect. Moreover, the basic idea of Philobretto incorporates artistic-philosophical aspects, freedom of expression, as well as achieving openness regarding mental health, including Asperger's syndrome, anxiety and depression.

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Flint Juventino Beppe (1977).