Flint Juventino Beppe and music
— an inseparable entity

Composition and creative art have always been a lifestyle for Flint Juventino Beppe (b. 1973). As far back as he can remember, music has been an incessant inner force. He started writing music from an early age: everything from songs, electroacoustic music to flute concertos, piano concertos, symphonic poems, ballet music and a symphony.

Since the beginning of his composing career, he has distinguished himself with his distinctively original voice which in many regards is at odds with the conventional trends and "isms" of contemporary art in general. He is the very archetype of a multitalented, musical polymath. Beppe's artistic project is geared towards the one goal of producing a genuine, acoustical result.

His wide experience of everything from electronics and visual media to local radio and musical-historical research has contributed to his broad field of expertise and understanding of a wide variety of subjects. This has benefitted his music at many levels and is one of the reasons behind his distinctive originality as a composer. His many diametrically different interests produce fascinating results in his compositional sound-world and in numerous other artistic areas such as film, scriptwriting and directing and in his activities as a lecturer.

Beppe's catalogue of works comprises about 200 titles, more than 80 opuses which include a number of commissioned works; over the years he has collaborated with many internationally renowned artists, including Vladimir Ashkenazy, Sir James Galway, Andreas Blau, die 14 Berliner Flötisten, Wolfgang Plagge, Ralph Rousseau, Rune Bergmann, Leonard Slatkin.

Many of his compositions have been recorded, including the two Grammy-nominated albums FLUTE MYSTERY and REMOTE GALAXY (Ashkenazy / Philharmonia Orchestra, 2L). He has also released more than 15 albums and films on the Symbiophonic label, including ABOUT MY GRANDFATHER and INFINITY CHIMES (Rasilainen / Norwegian Radio Orchestra). Beppe's original art film concept Symbiophonies has produced MONTAGNA CON FORZA and VICINO ALLA MONTAGNA.

Memberships: Deutscher Komponistenverband, GEMA and GVL.

Sheet Music | Publisher: The FJB Fingerprint
Releases | Label: Symbiophonic 2L

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In this orchestral music playlist you can listen to flute concertos, piano concertos and symphonic poems.


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Catherine Beynon, Emily Beynon, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Sir James Galway, Flint Juventino Beppe and Leonard Slatkin.    

I call the art I make "fingerprints", because they do represent my musical or artistic version of the impressions I have inhaled.