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Can the dualism of life, nature and art be expressed in pure music?

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«Heart» Op.27 (excerpt)

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— It is really as simple as it is complicated:
I breathe in what life has to offer,
and breathe out what I have to offer life.

Flint Juventino Beppe, composer

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German premiere of «Heart» Op.27 No.5
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Nature speaks, and one has to listen.
[May 12, 2018] I answer to Nature only, because Nature is not human made. Read more
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— His compositions are confidently tonal, fluently melodious and possessed of virtually supernatural penetrative power.
La Scena (Canada)

— She achieves magical powers from the beam, and the ability to see through time and space through a veil called "All that happens". She drifts where the wind blows, and leaves an "I was here" on a harp string.

«Four Elements from Hedmark» Op.85
Double Concerto for Violin, Cello & Orchestra.

«Distant Words»

Mark van de Wiel and the Philharmonia Orchestra. Photo: Morten Lindberg.

— «Distant Words» (a title, one suspects, where the composer has indulged in a little wordplay on "words" and "worlds"!) is, for a work scored for a homogeneous group of instruments in the chamber-music tradition, an astonishingly multi-faceted composition. The extreme range of the clarinet is given a virtuoso but at the same time restrained, almost ascetic, solo part.
Wolfgang Plagge, professor

«Distant Words» is a two-movement symphonic poem for clarinet in Bb and string orchestra by composer Flint Juventino Beppe.

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Emily Beynon. Photo: Keith Saunders.

— The flute solo in «Reminiscence» (the concerto's second movement) displays Beynon's world-class musicianship, with stunning tone quality and wonderfully sensitive phrasing.
The Flutist Quarterly (USA)

— Flint Juventino Beppe is one of a handful of composers who are able to create the rare experience of enchanted silence in their music – Beppe's «Flute Concerto No.1» Op.70 contains several such moments. Even though his tools are a "conventional" orchestra using "conventional" instruments, an unreal atmosphere of calm and celestial flight arises. One of the most fascinating aspects in this regard is that he does not use any minimalist or modernist devices at all; he simply allows the music and its inner qualities to speak in full. In our current age of constant hectic activity, where it is barely permitted to think a complete thought, music such as this is of the greatest importance: it gives the listener the chance to experience time as a benefit and not as a punishment. The concerto is dedicated to the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra's eminent flautist Emily Beynon, and it received its premier performance in London in February 2009.
Wolfgang Plagge, professor

«Reminiscence» is the second movement from «Flute Concerto No.1» Op.70, dedicated to Emily Beynon by composer Flint Juventino Beppe.

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«Not really Gone»

Ragnvald Jacobsen. Photo: Unknown.

Is it possible to feel the presence of a person who has passed away? Some people say they can. What stays forever is the emotional imprint of the joy that was once shared. The gentle legend might still be around, and in «Not Really Gone», the last movement of «About my Grandfather», long lines of distinctive and unusual harmonies from the orchestra's string section, set against the backdrop of polyrhythmic woodwinds and horns, create a celestial feeling that might suggest that a dead person is somehow still among us.

«Not really Gone» is the fourth movement from «About my Grandfather» Op.37, dedicated to Ragnvald Jacobsen (1905-1997) by composer Flint Juventino Beppe.

This work has appeared in the movie Montagna con Forza as well as on the album with the same name, About my Grandfather.

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Two albums Grammy-nominated

Recording «Remote Galaxy» Op.81 with glass harmonica. Photo: Morten Lindberg.

Remote Galaxy

Remote Galaxy
– Flint Juventino Beppe
Emily Beynon, flute
Mark van de Wiel, clarinet
Ralph Rousseau, viola da gamba
Philharmonia Orchestra
Vladimir Ashkenazy
Cat. No. 2L-100-PABD | 2L-100-LP

Nominated for a Grammy Award 2015 in the category «Best surround sound album».

Can the dualism of life, nature and art be expressed in pure music?

This is the question the multi-talented composer Flint Juventino Beppe has set out to answer. The album Remote Galaxy is a journey in time and space, a journey given meaning by the album's music and philosophy. The music is uncompromisingly honest, with a genuine power of its own. Using well-known acoustic technology, the composer takes us to some unusual and, for most of us, unknown places. 

Remote Galaxy continues the journey of 2L's Grammy nominated album Flute Mystery, and again the Philharmonia Orchestra is conducted by Vladimir Ashkenazy to interpret these adventurous scores. The composer's deep spiritual interest in nature, philosophy and space is as central in the universe of Remote Galaxy as it was in Flute Mystery. Beppe's music leaves a unique fingerprint in the artistic world: there is quite simply nothing like it.

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Album Tracklist & Audio Excerpts

Flute Mystery

Flute Mystery – Flint Juventino Beppe
Emily Beynon, flute
Catherine Beynon, harp
Philharmonia Orchestra
Vladimir Ashkenazy
Nominated for a Grammy award in 2010
«Flute Mystery» Op.66 is dedicated to Sir James Galway
Cat. No. 2L58SABD

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Nominated for a Grammy Award 2010 in the category «Best surround sound album».

Vicino alla Montagna

The two girls representing Humankind in Vicino alla Montagna are seemingly without willpower. They are apparently remote-controlled by this immense entity of Music and Nature, like puppets steered by the puppeteer.

— Vicino alla Montagna provides us with magnificent and touching images of the majestic scenery in the North. Along with the music and the acting we are taken on a journey back to the originating and unspoiled. We meet two human beings that unprotected and naked encounter nature - and gradually learn to live in it. The journey is beautiful, rough and eye-opening.

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